Aluminium Warrioir right side 01
Aluminium warrior left side 01

Update on my Wearable art project

I have made some progress on this project, lately I have been calling it the Aluminium Warrior. I am not sure if this will be its name but for now that is what I am calling this wearable art piece.

I have added all the scales to the top part of the Corset and I am got contacted by the Brewery Doppelleuboxer last month to see if I needed more cans of beer. Luckily I did need more scales and they helped me out with more material. It was so nice of them to Sponsor me like that, and I hope I can make this Garment something really special now.

Soldering as a beginner

I am not totally useless when it comes to working with my hands, when I studied Art I learned a little bit how to weld and blacksmith. But since it has been a while I need to get my hand back into it, so I am a total Newbie.

And I was told Aluminium isn’t exactly the most forgiving material to work with so with me luck with all the Can Tabs.


How its looking

There is still lots to do but I get to steam ahead in November and try to finish as much as possible.

I have noticed the skirt part is not right with just the fabric pieces, so I may need to tinker with that some more. Maybe bring in the Bicycle tubeing again to give the whole garment a better look.

I want to make this wearable art piece as complete as possible, because I haven’t really made anything like it in a long time it has to make a bit of an impact.

Don’t worry there will be more updates coming, specially when I get to Soldering …..

until next time.


Lady A


can tab prep