Tubeless Corset retro styled


 All the Creative things I make are for sale here

From PDF Sewing patterns, Up-cycled goodies, Hand painted or Printed clothing.

All Hand made in my Studio in Switzerland

  • C*ntbag denim front

    C*ntbag Denim

    CHF 85.00
  • C*ntbag blackdenim

    C*ntbag sewing Pattern

    CHF 12.00
  • Pash top and Melinda Shorts

    Pash Top Sewing Pattern

    CHF 12.90
  • Trio of toe caps

    Rollerskate Toe Cap PDF Pattern

    CHF 7.00
  • Animal Decorations for Rollerskate toe caps

    Toe Cap Deco Animals PDF Pattern

    CHF 4.00
  • Twerk shorts front

    Twerk Shorts Sewing Pattern

    CHF 12.90