Tubeless Corset retro styled


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My Creative passion and Dream

The chance to make more and learn more, from supplies to courses on how to make this available to you.

  • Carving lady Lino carving

    Carving Lady lino Print

    CHF 15.00
  • Fish bicycle fresh prints 2

    Fish Bicycle

    CHF 20.00
  • Animal Decorations for Rollerskate toe caps

    Toe Cap Deco Animals PDF Pattern

    CHF 4.00
  • Trio of toe caps

    Rollerskate Toe Cap PDF Pattern

    CHF 7.00
  • C*ntbag denim front

    C*ntbag Denim

    CHF 85.00
  • C*ntbag blackdenim

    C*ntbag sewing Pattern

    CHF 12.00