Lino Prints

When I studied Art I really enjoyed Printmaking, and I finally got back to it and have started my Printing journey again with Lino Print. Here are a few of my Prints.

mix tapes raw
Carving lady Lino carving

Mix Tapes 

My first Two plate two colour print in a while, in Blue and in Red, on A4 off white paper.

The Fish Bicycle

I love a good Feminist quote, and this one is priceless. Also on A4 off white paper with black ink.

The Carving lady

I love snowboarding and would love to be able to do this one day, so I carved it into Lino until I am able to have a photo of me doing it.

Let the good times roll Skater

Rollerskating is another sport I love, and creating something that show the joy of skating is always a good challange. 

I take part in the Lino Print Club and help with sometimes with their events and evenings. So if you have any materials or tools please let us know.

Website is linked.