Making my own fabric Designs

flowerpower pillow

I have made digital designs since art school in 2000 when I first learned how to use illustrator and Photoshop. But for some reason I never felt they were something I could use to print fabrics with, when the Idea came along with Spoonflower Printing for you I loved it. I have ordered from Spoonflower before, for my Dirndls last year and loved the quality even after washing and found the idea of making my own design interesting. It took many years and lots should I even try to finally give it a go, but seeing those first pictures online where I used to see other designers images was cool.


I currently only have 4 designs, and to be honest its 2 designs with different colourways, but I hope to do more, because I keep thinking I would love a fabric with say Skateboards on it and I can’t find one I like so this is the best option.

And the dream is to be able to make all my pattern samples with my own fabric designs, so I can really be unique or at least just my weird and wonderful self.

So I will continue my design journey on Spoonflower and aim to have more than just 4 design in the future. 

I will keep post on my Socials about them and I can’t wait to make my blouse with my Skateboard Fabric.

skateboard pillow blue
flowerpower bedsheets
skateboard bedsheets blue