Vintage sewing pattern

Sewing for yourself

There is nothing better than making garments for yourself, specially when people ask where you bought that garment and you can say “I made it myself”. What comes after that answer we won’t talk about now, that might be a whole other blog post 😛

Getting a Sewing Pattern

But if you don’t know how to draft a Pattern, or lets be honest can’t be bothered to spend the time, where can you get Patterns? The Fabric or habedashery store will have all your big Brands (Vogue, Burda, Simplicity etc.) but there is more to be found.

There is some Pattern Magazines, the most Famous is Burda Style, they have a beginner Magazine for those wanting to learn and sew.

Vintage patterns can be found online, either on Etsy or special websites.

(Vintage Pattern Shop, Old Patterns, Rusty Zipper and So Vintage Pattern, Vintage Stitching )

PDF Patterns can be bought from Small vendors on their Websites or also on the Etsy shops. (try to Support the small Businesses where you can, it makes a difference, I am one of those.)

My Shop, Jalie, Style Arc, Elli and Mac, Wardrobe by me, Ready to sew just to mention a few (there is so many more out there, search specific clothing patterns to find what you need)

And then there is the massive amount of free PDF Patterns, which are great if you know a litlle bit more about Sewing. They don’t always come with instructions, and when they do they sometimes have other issues like not letting you know that seam allowance is not included. (always measure your patterns before attacking your fabric with it)


The Free PDF Patterns

And I am in two minds about the free PDF Sewing Patterns, I want everyone to be able to create and have access to such patterns, but I also know how long it takes to master the art of first making such a pattern, then testing it, the turning it into PDF format with instructions and Photos to be able to sell it. So when someone gives it away for free it can be heartbreaking. Anyways they are out there and I may aswell point out some of the good ones.

Here are some of the Bigger places to get such patterns and they are usually decent with instructions as well.

Mood Fabrics, Life Sew Savory, Threads monthly, and one of my favourites Peppermint Magazine.

There is more out there and you are welcome to add some in the comments for other to find.

In the End what is most important is that you find something you really want to make and get the pattern for it with enough instruction so you can confidently create your own masterpiece.


Sewing a french seam