the New Piece

This is my next project, I am working with Aluminium Cans to create something. The vibe is female warrior, Amazon and I would love to see the end garment worn by different people to see if it changes its vibe. check out my blog Post for more info.

Alu Scales 02
Alu scales01

the scales that need to cut out of the beer cans

Can tabs
Alu scales 03
Corset overlay

This is the base that I will add the scales to

Aluminium Warrior Bodice 01

Here is the bodice with some of the scales on it, more scales need to be made so I can continue with this.

Aluminium corset front

Another update on this piece, below you can see both sides and the back as well. 

Aluminium corset left side
Aluminium corset right side
Aluminium corset back

Hopefully my material for the rest of the garment will arrive soon, I have had to wait over 3 months but hopefully it is on its way now.