This year I decided to do a bit of a preview for the 2018 Bikini Designs, 

on 2 Barbies that are Named Alexis and Athena.


IMG 2111

Here they are wearing the Sara set in black and the Betty set in Black and red

IMG 2113

Here we have the Stephanie set in Pink and White and the Jennifer Monokini in Black and red leopard

And because these ladies are always ready to pose for a photo here are a few images of them doing just that. 


IMG 2097

Having a coffee

IMG 2093

Making dinner in the kitchen





At the swimming pool

IMG 2164

IMG 2143

IMG 2137

IMG 2134

IMG 2149

And just doing some poses in the hall way.

IMG 2187

IMG 2190

IMG 2191

IMG 2192

IMG 2196

IMG 2199

IMG 2200

IMG 2204

out and about in St Gallen on a sunny day

IMG 2214

IMG 2209

IMG 2212

IMG 2211

IMG 2213

And on a life sized pole :D






Some underwater photos.

There will be more photo's coming of these two ladies doing all sorts of poses in our new designs.


The Designs are not as detailed and are not to scale, for the real deal you will have to wait until the actual human models get their turn.

Thank you for your patience 


Lady A