These are the designs from 2016 and before

Our Designs are made to order, in the hope that we don't contribute to more waste on this planet.

All items are handmade and because they are made to order if you have small requests we can change little things.


The Sjmac Monkini

Sj Mac is a lady I met when I started to pole dance, we had the same funny humor and we got along straight away.

She is super talented and has no fears on the pole, I miss classes with her and can't wait to see her again hopefuly very soon.

sjmacsilvershoes 01sjmacsilvershoes 01sjmacsilvershoes 01sjmacsilvershoes 01 


The Jadez Monokini

Jadez is also a lady I met through pole classes, she is sassy and sexy. She helped me organize my Raw show case in 2014, and without her I wouldn't have had the show I had. SHe is amazing at organizing and such a awesome lady.

 jadezgunshoes 01jadezgunshoes 01jadezgunshoes 01


The Spider Line

The Spider line was a strappy line of shorts and tops, I had Versions 1-3 but here we have Number 3 and number 2 below.

I named them Spider line because they looked like spiders when they just sit in a drawer.



More tops and Shorts

Diana Top and Twerk Shorts

Diana was also a lady I met in my first pole classes, she had a stunning smile and loved hanging out with the girls.

The twerk knickers got their name because they show off a lot of cheek and that seemed to suit the name.

 dianatwerkcowboyboots 02

dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01

dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01


The Pash Top and Melinda Shorts

Pash is a sexy lady I met later in my pole journey, she was fun and always up for a pole jam.

Melinda was my stretch buddy while we were pole dancing, we both had to work hard at our stretching and it was always great to see her victories.

dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01

 dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01dianaspiderv2silvershoes 01

Thank you to Mara and Stephanie for Modeling and Peter Rude Torp for the photo's of Stephanie.

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