Lookbook 2020

This is my new Lookbook for 2020

this time me and Estera took our models into my small Bathroom and tried to get funky.

Here are some images from that Photoshoot.


 amyjuliablueback01small amyjuliabluefront01small amyjuliablueback02small amyjuliabluefront02small

azureshortside01small azureshortfront03small azureshortback01small

patootiesilverredfront01small patootieredfront01small patootiesilverredback01small patootiesilverfront02small

patootieblueback01small patootieblueside01small patootieblueside02small

Salome1purpleside01small salome1purpleback01small Salome1purplefront01small

vadymshortsredfront02small vadymredfront01small vadymshortredfront03small

salome2blackside01small salome2blackfront01small salome2blackback01small

salomeshorts01small salomeshorts03small salomeshorts02small

salome12kitchen02small Salome12dressedup01small salome12kitchen01small

salomegoldback03small salomegoldfront03small salomeshortgoldback01small


Thank you so much to everyone that was part of this, it was a fun day.

Models: Cami, Lia Vortex, Betty Boo, and Mr V

Photographer: Estera la Photo.


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